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My friend Amari shares his story and then prays for you.   Don’t miss your blessing.

Christmas Party on the Streets

December 20th, Sunday Night – YOU’RE INVITED!

Christmas Party on the streets with Jackets for Jesus!

The party on the streets is this Sunday night. You’re Invited!  Last Year’s Challenges WILL NOT STOP US!  Pray that all goes well.

You’re doing so much to make this an incredible Christmas on the streets for hundreds of people living in urban poverty.  Thank You!

Backpacks are still available for pickup at Central Community.  If you have extra jackets, gifts, etc… bring it with you and we’ll stuff it in remaining backpacks.

Suggestions For Filling Christmas Backpacks For The Homeless

Food Items:
Water bottle, Snacks (Raisins, nuts, candy, dried fruit, crackers), hot chocolate, cookies, gift certificates to McDonalds/Starbucks etc.
Clothing Items:
Jacket (even a good used one is fantastic), Sweatshirt, T-shirt, underwear, new white socks, jacket, rain poncho, warm hat, gloves.
Personal Care Items:
Toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, gum, lotion, soap, shampoo, wash cloth, hand towel, comb or brush, floss, toilet paper.
Miscellaneous Items:
Bible, stationary, stamps, Radio or MP3 player, books, magazines, watch, first aide kit, phone cards/calling cards, a Christmas card, etc.

Gift Cards have been highly requested this year.  Small amounts for fast food, Kinkos, Staples, etc…

Think of what you would like/want if you were homeless and living on the streets. Feel free to use your imagination!

Filled backpacks can be returned to Jackets For Jesus, at Central Community, no later than Sunday, December 2oth at 5:00PM.  Alternative drop off is our meeting pointMcDonald’s just off Peck Rd exit and the 60 fwy (1185 Durfee Ave., South El Monte, CA, google map at link)  – we’ll leave in a caravan from there to the streets at approximately 9:30pm.

Backpacks can be dropped off with us at the McDonalds between 9-9:30pm, even if you’re unable to join us on the streets.  All packs must be in the LARGE TRUCK before we leave McDonalds.

We’ve rented the parking lot on the corner of 3rd and Main St, downtown, for parking convenience and security of the truck.  Plan on parking with us.  All of our work this year will come out of the parking lot.backpacks 2

Thanks so much.  Looking forward to a fantastic evening together.

Merry Christmas!


Giving Thanks on the Streets

a long and meandering journey into Thanksgiving. Christmas is coming. Backpacks at the ready. You’re Invited!

answered prayer

He stepped out of the crowd and asked “Can I help?”  Early 30’s, warm and friendly, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  Extending his hand in friendship he said: “My name is Sam.”  Within minutes Jodi had him in gloves, standing beside her at the table, serving in joy.

Sometimes we forget to acknowledge it when God answers prayer.  20 minutes earlier our small team of just 5 people had prayed that we would be enough to accomplish the task.  We weren’t.  So God sent Sam.

We close our evenings in a team prayer at our original Main St location – where an 8 story building of condos and retail is now going up.  Holding hands again, as is my tradition, I asked who would like to pray – for some reason it just seemed right that Sam spoke up.  Nothing eloquent, but from the heart, he thanked God for loving us, for letting us love others, for being good to us… it was as if God was in our midst.  We hugged around the circle and Sam wandered back to wherever he’d wandered in from in the first place.  An answer to prayer.

Sunday nights on the streets often face the expected obstacles of working with crowds of the urban poor and displaced of society.  They’re also filled with miracles and wonder – sometimes they have a name – this week it was Sam.  Wish you could’ve met him.  So many times on the streets I feel as if I’ve been with God.  It happened last week.  It might happen this Sunday night.  One thing I’m certain of, He’s waiting on us to ask – so He can answer.

Thanksgiving and Christmas – the most difficult time of the year to live in poverty – and our most expensive times to continue our work, are out ahead of us.  God is going to be with us.  He’s going to answer prayers in unexpected ways.  We’re going to experience His presence and be moved.  You’re needed, now, more than ever.  Amazingly, You’re Invited!  Don’t let the miracle of the coming season slip away without giving yourself to it completely.  I look forward to sharing the circle with you this Sunday night.

for changing lives,


So Long Summer…

Huge crowd. Awful fight. Just barely enough food. One man found his dinner in the trash – inadvertently thrown away – meant to be saved for a late comer. His face looked like he’d stumbled across hidden treasure. Another man – who came late – was turned away hungry… his meal discovered in the trash.

Nothing pleasant about the plight of urban poverty – except for the amazing reality that we can make a difference – it’s what Jackets for Jesus has been doing in the heart of Los Angeles since January 1, 1989.

You can help. You’re support is needed, now, more than ever. You’re Invited!

Next Time You Buy Fruit

We all love a deal and in summer the low prices on fresh fruit are the best. We rarely consider the life cost of the workers. Children raised in the fields, working around insecticides, growing up without school. And the toll it takes later on it life.

At 3 minutes and 50 seconds into this video meet Juan. A native Californian, born and raised working in the fields while we went to school. His English is kind of like my Spanish – not what it should be. 40 years old. Living on skidrow. Already on disability. Kids who work in the fields get their Social Security cards and start paying into the system not long after they can walk.

Juan didn’t “sneak across the border” he was just born into a different part of the American caste than you or I… the one we try to pretend doesn’t exist. Until fruit goes on sale in the summertime. And we wonder how they get it from the fields to the table so inexpensively. It’s guys like Juan.

Skidrow will be the only retirement plan many of them ever experience. It’s their part in the American Dream. Juan comes out to eat dinner, socialize a bit and he always wants his picture taken. I’m sure he’d love to tell his entire story, but I don’t speak his language. If you speak Spanish and are willing to listen – so many people are waiting in hopes that someone cares enough to take the time. That someone could be you. You’re Invited!

“They treat us like our lives don’t matter. But they do.”


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